January 11, 2007

Just tell me where to pick up the checks.

I spend the majority of my time in Kalimdor, so it wasn't until I flew out to the Dark Portal last night that I saw this picture of me that has been floating around in some EK tabloid.

I'm really not at all upset that my image is being plastere
d across the EK without my permission. It's a little flattering, really... I just wish they'd have caught me in better light. I can't for the life of me figure out where or when that picture must have been taken.

More importantly, it seems like the Alliance would have to cough up some royalties, don'tcha think? Since I'm already swimming in gold, I think I'll ask for my payment in honor marks. That would save me the trouble of having to line up in the battlegrounds with a bunch of clowns who think "take three then hold" is an acceptable battle tactic anywhere this side of reality.


Whiffle said...

ROFL, oh my god, that's classic!

Brock said...

We love you Crystalis! Never has a gnome better earned her ephithet!